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Dear Customer, your appearance on this page is probably a sign of your dissatisfaction caused by some mistakes during the shipping.

There is no reason to stress! Our company respects your rights. Below, we put on some clues for you to make the process of complaint or return faster and more comfortable.


According to currently valid law, you have right to cancel the contract within 30 days without giving a reason.

The date of withdrawal expires 30 days after you or third party - except ferryman - indicated by you became owner of the product.

If you would like to use your right to withdrawal, you have to inform us (Caviallo, 01-794 Warszawa, ul. Anny German 15B/2) about your decision by written testimony (for example statement sent via mail or e-mail).

You can use our example withdrawal form but it is not obligatory. Testimony form compatible with Act on Consumer Right is available here (tutaj należy wstawić odnośnik).

To maintain the withdrawal date only need to send us information about realisation your right to cancel the contract before expiry date.

In case of withdrawal we return you remittances including delivery costs (except additional costs coming from choosing different than the cheapest possibility to deliver the product) immediately and not later than in 30 days since you have informed us about using the right to withdrawal. We will reimburse by using the same payment method as you during the first transaction, unless you have agreed to a different solution - anyway, you won't be exposed to any costs.

We can wait with reimburse until receiving the product.

Please send back or deliver the product immediately and not later than 30 days from receiving it. Returned products cannot be incomplete or able to recognize as the used and have to have original tags and checks.

Otherwise you will have to bear the costs.


According to currently valid law, we are responsible for physical and legal defects under the terms of Civil Code.

After detection of defects you have right to:
submit a claim to reduce prices
submit a request to cancel the contract but not when defect is irrelevant
demand replacing product for defect-free one
demand defect removal

In 14 days we take a stance to your demanding or request.

You are obligated to deliver us a faulty product bearing the costs to Caviallo, 01-794 Warszawa, ul. Anny German 15B/2, Poland.

The costs of replacement or renovation are provided by us.

The issue of warranty is highly complicated that is why we encourage you to familiarize yourself with Civil Code and UOKIK's (Office of Competition and Consumer Protection) and different consumers organisation's websites where you sure find basics and details shown in clear and vivid way. Our shop respects law and consumer rights so everything you read in there will be applicable to our case.

We invite you to ask any questions via

Warsaw, January 1st 2016


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